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Can I schedule a Tasting?

Of course you can, we would love to meet with you in person!  We know this is a big day and understand wanting to sample our amazing food before your event.

Tastings can be scheduled after a menu and a proposal are put together and decided upon.  We want to make sure that you will get to try exactly what you will have on your big day.  If there are any adjustments you want made to your menu, this is a great time to make those.


We provide complimentary tastings for up to 4 people, after we have already entered into a contract with a client.  If you are not booked with us and are requesting a tasting, the cost is $20 per person with an extra $5 for an appetizer tasting.  If you decide to book with us, which we have no doubt that you will, we will apply the payment of the tasting towards your total bill.  This small fee helps us cover the food that is sourced for this menu created just for you,  as well as the chef's who are committed to creating it.